EDDY represents a profound new concept from United Yousef Naghi Group, which operates one of the largest, most-experienced groups in the Saudi market. EDDY is a leading provider of furniture, home appliances, and electronics.


Today, EDDY has 6 stores in six major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering the best one-stop shop experience, expert service, and affordable, high-quality products. Each showroom ranges from 13000 ft. to 35000 ft., and they all offer a wide range of leading brands. EDDY sells high-quality “cash-and-carry” furniture, including bedroom, living room, and dining room sets, children’s furniture, home office furniture, tableware, kitchenware, and home accessories. EDDY also carries a large range of electronic appliances, including TVs, audio equipment, gaming systems, mobile phones, computers, washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and hundreds of other small appliances. All these products are maintained with excellent in-store service provided by well-trained sales staff, and the stores offer enhanced POS and checkout systems and testing zones. Plus, EDDY supports after-sales services such as product warranties, home delivery, and maintenance.


Entertainment and Convenience

EDDY is dedicated to the one-stop-shop concept and it provides families an all-in-one destination. Each shop offers an exceptional family shopping experience, with indoor kids’ playgrounds and coffee shops allowing parents and their kids to experience a convenient, comfortable shopping environment. The convenience of shopping at EDDY extends to its user-friendly online store, where customers across the Kingdom can purchase a wide range of products and have them delivered by EDDY’s team.



Taking care of customers is one of EDDY’s top priorities, so it provides the ELITE program, which allows customers to benefit from each purchase by collecting points that offer many advantages, such as additional discounts and savings. To help meet any budget, EDDY offers weekly promotions and tempting prices on a wide selection of products. 


Our Vision

To be pioneers in fulfilling every family’s needs for high-quality, low-price products; excellent services; convenience; and entertainment in a one-stop shop.


Our Mission

We enhance families’ shopping experiences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing an exceptional shopping environment.


Our Values

EDDY operates under the following values:

  1.       High standards—We insist on providing leading international brands with the best in-store and after-sales services.
  2.       Communication—We build open, honest relationships with our customers.
  3.       Customers’ Needs—We focus on customers’ entertainment, comfort, and convenience.